Reality? What is it, really?

P e r c e p t i o nperception [pəˈsɛpʃən]  n

1. the act or the effect of perceiving
2. insight or intuition gained by perceiving
3. the ability or capacity to perceive
4. way of perceiving; awareness or consciousness; view
It’s raining…it’s gonna be a gloomy day.
It’s raining…awesome! I don’t have to water.
It’s raining…people will be driving crazy today!
It’s raining…________________ (fill in the blanks)
How do you interpret the events that occur in your life? Your perception is a very powerful tool in determining whether or not you have a good or bad experience, or whether or not a neutral incident totally floors you.
Your perception is your reality, therefore, to you…it IS reality.
Have you ever noticed how different people can experience the exact same event, yet interpret it in entirely different ways? WHERE does YOUR perception come from?
Those inner voices are not easy to distinguish. Sometimes we just accept them as reality, but are they? Is it possible they are someone ELSE’S reality? Someone who raised us or had a large influence over our lives in our formative years or vulnerable moments?
Influence Poster
Next time you hear an inner voice trying to interpret an event for you, CHALLENGE IT!!! Is it true? How many ways can a rainy day be interpreted? As many ways as there are PERCEPTIONS of it. Think of the voices in your head. Are they truly yours, or did you just assimilate them? THINK. Be your own best friend/counselor/confidante. Delve into those common interpretations and figure out where they really come from, and then become the author of your new, healthier inner voices.

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